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X Ref

The only free cross reference tool available to all Semiconductor professionals.

XREF is a free cross-reference tool that provides insight into pricing, availability, datasheets, RoHs, EOL and other data points important at every stage of a Product Life Cycle.Successful Semiconductor professionals require the right tools in order to create a competitive advantage. The successful design engineer needs access to component data and parts specifics in order to design products. They eliminate supply chain bottlenecks or improve the cost of their designs by evaluating the same part for multiple manufacturers side by side. This is why XREF is essential for supply chain professionals in order to efficiently search through equivalent part numbers. Its simplicity and easy to use interface allow the user to easily view results online or in excel format.A large number of our users are sales professionals part of both inside and outside sales teams. XREF allows these professionals to know which alternative parts they can offer, simply by entering the competitor’s part number into XREF.XREF is significantly growing its users as it becomes the free tool for industry professionals. It continues to grow its database of part numbers and cross references that cover most of the component universe from Analog, FPGAs, Microcontrollers, Power Management, RFID, discreet and commodity components and many other component types.

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