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Market Research

Translating supply and demand chain insights into actionable insights.

Our research suite provides companies with tangible guidance for short and mid-term initiatives in the Semiconductor Supply Chain. We service Marketing Professionals, Board of Directors, Venture Capital firms, Wall Street analysts and financial institutions looking for actionable insight.

Our team of highly specialized researchers is located worldwide. Each researcher has worked extensively in their respective area within the Semiconductor & Hardware Supply chain. Research is not modeled.  Data points are collected and presented in an unbiased manner in our tracker products and research alerts. Research alerts are immediately provided to our clients when changes occur.

Industry clients use these data points for their models, to proof check their established strategy, find new sales avenues or to detect competitive threats. Financial clients appreciate our industry knowledge and the clarity of the direction it provides to make an actionable impact. We also generate new investment ideas by offering insight into the latest technology trends and emerging companies. Because of our research teams, we have an unprecedented foresight into M&A activity and possible matches.

In addition to traditional written research products, we provide general surveys to all clients. Customized surveys, research trips with clients or customized research requests are also available and handled promptly. Clients have access to our head analyst who can work closely with their team as needed.

We are often considered an extension of the market research department for our client’s companies and we would be excited to do the same for you.